A Romanian businessman in Spain is in a hunger strike for the last eight days trying to recover 700,000 euro from a Spanish company, AFP informs. On January 8, Damian Catalin and his Spanish associate, owning Romtectabi launched a hunger strike at Obrum, another Spanish company.

200 families confront with serious problems because of Obrum representatives, one of the inscriptions reads. The Romanian, together with another 15 employees declared that they have to pay their workers and all their official dues but Obrum refuses to pay.

Several workers joined the two in their protest and entered a hunger strike. However, Obrum officials refuse to give out any details to AFP journalists. Other Obrum suppliers joined these protests for the same reasons.

Spain's constructions sector is the most important economic growth factor in Spain but was devastated by the financial and economic crisis that affected the country as early as 2008.