Barack Obama will swear in as the 44th president of the United States in the midst of unprecedented security measures which turned Washington in a city under siege. The stat of Columbia is under emergency code, the flights have been grounded and the traffic will be paralyzed in the downtown of the American capital. Security rules have also been imposed in New York and other large cities.

President George W. Bush imposed the emergency status in Columbia for Tuesday, allowing local authorities to access supplementary federal funds, besides the 15 millions already approved for the event. The city mayor demanded the emergency state because of the large number of visitors that will participate in the event, exceeding the authorities' capacity to ensure the public order.

Over 60 local agencies are involved in the security operations, 1,000 agents being deployed only by the FBI. In addition, 7,500 soldiers, 10,000 National Guard members and 25,000 other officers will participate in the effort.

The Secret Service agents will frisk all participants and anti-terrorist teams are already deployed on the streets of Washington. Radiation and metal detectors were installed, while authorities are also prepared to prevent any biological or chemical attacks. White Supremacy groups are under surveillance.