Romania president Traian Basescu declared on Monday, while in Budapest, that the Central Romania region with a majority of Hungarian minority inhabitants will never receive the self-governing status, since Romania is defined by the Constitution as an unitary and sovereign state. Basescu emphasized the fact that Romania meets all standards in treating its minorities: "despite the fact that there is still a lot of things to do, regarding the minorities, there is no reason to question Romania's minority policies".

Asked by a Hungarian journalist when will the Hungarian county win its self-governing status, Basescu answered that it will "most probably never happen, because Romania is a sovereign and unitary state and I don's think that any politician thinks differently".

The head of state mentioned that Romania will not accept the concept of collective rights for minorities but has nothing against individual rights. Basescu pointed at the fact that recognized minorities have the right to study in their own maternal language, to maintain their culture and to have political representation in the Parliament.