Ukraine suffered a geopolitical and economi defeat on its Western side, Russian daily Pravda reads. Ukraine could lose other territorial disputes, with Russia, Ukrainian political scientist Vladimir Skaciko declared, referring to Ukraine's Eastern border and Sevastopol.

Ukraine could have maintain under control the dispute with Romania if the issue did not go to the court. He declared that the Court's decision took also into account Ukraine's lack of stable power, referring to the lastest gas crisis with Russia.

Another Ukrainian analyst, Dmitri Zaborin, quoted by the Russian news agency Novii Reghion considers the court's deciison a failure for Ukraine and adds that this would only increase Romania's territorial claims.

Zaborin declared that this is Yushcenko's way of bribing Romanians for their support in NATO. He added that soon, Ukraine will also give up North Bukovina and South Bessarabia for Romania's support in NATO.

Russian daily Vremia Novostei comments that both countries treat the Hague resolution as a victory. The 15 International Court judges did not satisfied all claims made by Romanians even though Romanian specialists read that the oil and gas in the continental plateau would offer the country 20 years of energy independence.

EUObserver notes that it is not sure how the territorial delimitation will divide resources. Romania said that 79% of its claim was satisfied while the Ukrainian deputy Foreign Affairs minister declared that both parties are appy of this decision.