The Swiss are summoned to vote on Sunday, February 8, to decide whether authorities should allow Romanians and Bulgarians to work in their country. However, the referendum might have greater consequences than expected: commercial agreements between Switzerland and the EU are conditioned by a non discrimination principle, promoted by the EU.

The Sunday referendum will confirm whether all EU member state countries have free movement right in Switzerland or not: all the other 25 countries in the EU, except Romania and Bulgaria have enjoyed this right. The question of the referendum was formulated in such a way to make sure that Swiss citizens will offer a positive answer. The question stresses the fact that due to commercial agreements with the Union, the Swiss need to offer all EU members states the right to work and study in their country.

Swiss representative at the EU, Jacques de Watteville declared in an interview for EurActiv that, if the result of the referendum is negative, his country will be forced into a difficult situation with the European Union.