Swiss electors voted on Sunday in favor of renewing the free circulation convention for EU citizens and o expand this right to Bulgarian and Romanian citizens. According to the preliminary results of the scrutiny, 59.6% of the electors voted in favor of the free movement right, the majority being reached in 22 out of the 26 cantons. The campaign before the scrutiny was marked by xenophobic and racist accusations, after one of the parties, UDC, used posters representing white sheep (the Swiss citizens) and black sheep (immigrants) as well as posters in which crows (immigrants) were attacking Switzerland.

The referendum on Sunday asked the citizens about the expansion of the free movement rights to Bulgarians and Romanians, after the same right was enjoyed so far by all other 25 member states' citizens.

Before the scrutiny, it seemed that the score will be 50% in favor and 43% against.

The Romanian Foreign Ministry expressed its satisfaction towards the results of the vote.