Bucharest numbers among the most expensive cities when it comes to the average price in central areas as the Romanian capital comes before Amsterdam, Milan, Brussels or Berlin on such criteria, according to GlobalPropertyGuide.com, quoted by Romanian news agency Mediafax.

Bucharest comes 26 among 113 analyzed markets worldwide in a study regarding the most expensive cities according to house prices. The study is based on 2008 figures.

The price per square meter for a home in downtown Bucharest reaches 3,935 euro, while it does not exceed 3,530 in Amsterdam or 3,511 in Milan. A 120 sq meter apartment in Bucharest costs over 470,000 compared to 423,000 euro in Amsterdam or 421,000 in Milan.

The cheapest homes are to be found in Cairo - at prices of 453 euro/square meter, while the most expensive can be found in central Monaco (36,000 euro per square meter).