The Telecomm Ministry put up a law draft clearly describing the attributions and responsibilities of the national telecom market authority, a final shape of the document being expected within two weeks, after discussing the project with the European Telecomm Commissioner, Viviane Redding, said the Romanian Telecomm Minister, Gabriel Sandu, on Friday. Fabio Colasanti, general manager in the EC, mentioned that the European institution is rather interested in the respect for the authority's independence, than in the technical way to accomplish it (Governmental ordinance or other kind of documents).

"We will have a final discussion with Viviane Redding on Thursday, in Prague. Today, we know 90% of what must be done. The Authority must be under Parliamentarian control, the new manager will be appointed by the Parliament. We initiated an ordinance to define the extent of the Telecomm Ministry's authority and the attributions and responsibilities of the market authority", said Sandu. "It is clear in which area the Government and the politics have nothing to do and the universal service area where the authority must implement the governmental policies and national strategy", he added.

At the end of January, the European Commission launched the infringement procedures against Romania because of some controversial initiatives on the Telecomm market, mainly the dismissal of the former Authority manager, despite a Court order allowing him back in the office.