Four Romanians were beaten by a group of Italian extremists in Rome on Sunday night, Italian newspapers read. Two of the Romanians were seriously injured and are currently hospitalized. The attack occurred in front of a kebab place, near Porta Furba tube station.

According to first information, at 22:30 pm, local time, about 20 Italians, aged between 18-20 and armed with bats, attacked two Romanians that were in the kebab place. Some of the aggressors had their face covered.

The Romanians were hospitalized with severe injuries. The place of the aggression is nearby the park where a 14 year old Italian girl was raped, presumably by Eastern European Rroma.

A second attack was registered at a couple of tube stops away, at Cinecitta, where a Romanian called the ambulance due to injuries after being beaten up by a group of Italians.