The "discriminatory" rhetoric and the xenophobic attacks of several Italian officials encourage the verbal and physical abuse against Romanians in Italy, says Daniela Carboni, manager with Amnesty International Italy.

"Amnesty International is worried with the discriminatory language used by several Italian politicians, from various political parties. We are also concerned because of the xenophobic attacks aimed at the Rroma ethnics and Romanian immigrants, of all those in search of asylum, generally speaking. The anti-Rroma and anti-Romanian rhetoric only contribute to polarization and stigmatizing of these communities, creating a climate where verbal and physical abuse are legitimate", said the Amnesty International official for RFI.

Romanian Foreign Minister Cristian Diaconescu will visit on Monday Italy, in order to meet his homologue, Franco Frattini, and discuss the Romanian - Italian relationship and the problems Romanians have in Italy. Cristian Diaconescu has also scheduled a meeting with the Italian press.

Diaconescu has criticized recently the "instigating" statements made by Italian officials. Romanian Prime Minister Emil Boc emphasized recently that the deeds of a few must not bring the blame upon an entire people.