The Italian Council of Ministers will adopt on Friday a series of new measures aimed at reducing violent incidents. Italian Interior minister, Roberto Maroni urged the immediate adoption of the document in order to better cope with violence against women, Radio Romania Actualitati reports.

One of the most controversial proposals is the citizen patrol, that would supervise the outskirts of big cities in Italy. The idea is challenged by the Opposition and a part of the press not just because such patrols would do what the state is not able to but also because it authorizes people to make their own justice.

Moreover, the decree will interdict house arrest of rapists who will be immediately sent to jail during investigation and trial.

At their turn, Romanian authorities plan to update the measures taken in 2007 to support Romanians in Italy. The measures adopted two years ago foresee the judicial and police cooperation and several other social measures.

Romania's ministries are to send to the Foreign Affairs ministry a set of measures to complete the 2007 plan. Plus, the government plans to continue the implementation of the public information campaign, aimed at improving the image of Romanians in Italy and Spain, implemented last year and for which the government spent 8 million euro.