Romania's Initiave Party in Italy organized on Saturday, at Rome, a press conference to urge Italians to end the xenophobic wave against Romanians. The conference was doubled by several protests against immigrants in Rome, organized by the Italian extreme right movement, Forza Nuova.

The 100 protests started at 6 pm across the country to protest against the sexual abuse wave registered in their country. According to their manifest, the action was triggered by the increasing abuse against Italian women by immigrants, especially by Rroma people. The movement considers that immigration is a negative phenomenon that threatens popular neighborhoods and women and children alike.

Thus, Forza Nuova mobilized its supporters against the invasion of over 257,000 Romanians who entered the country since Romania entered the Union. The Vatican criticized the public security decree, adopted by the Italian government, considering that the rule of law is not respected.

Meanwhile, to counter the negative wave, Italian authorities, together with Romania's Initiative Party in Italy organized a press conference aimed finding a solution to counter the tensions created between Italian citizens and their Romanian counterparts.

Representatives of the Romanian community in Italy urged journalists to maintain an objective stance and to limit the commentaries as much as possible.