Mar Nero is the story about an Italian widow, abandoned by her son that comes to have a profound relation with her Romanian maid. Mar Nero reflects the story of tens of thousands of Romanians in Italy. The film's director, Francesco Pamphili talks about his movie and the Romanian community in an interview with correspondent to Italy, Miruna Cajvaneanu.

Francesco Pamphili attended a conference organized by a group of Romanians marking spring celebrations on March 1st. He talked about Romanians with a rare admiration and warmth: he said he even sent a letter to the Foreign Affairs ministers of the both countries, to defend Romanians in Italy.

Pamphili explained that the Italian newspaper's aggressiveness is a consequence of their economic pressures. Most Romanians in Italy integrated in their communities and are hard working and decent, except for a few felons, Pamphili said. He added that it is not fair to judge the whole nation based on some individuals' actions.

The movie received, on August 2008, three prizes at the Lucerne Festival in Switzerland and was the only Italian movie to enter the competition. Plus, it was awarded at the Medfilmfestival and the International Film Festival in Denver where it won the best debut award.