Italy must encourage an objective news coverage to avoid the stigmatization of Eastern European countries like Romania that could endanger Italian investments in those countries, the Unimpresa trade union warns. The presence of Italians in these countries is an opportunity and an advantage for Italian companies, Unimpresa explained.

The portrayal of illegal felonies by Romanians in Italy should not override the daily positive attitude towards the whole Romanian community in Italy. Unimpresa reads that the development plan Romania plans to launch this year, worth over 23 billion euro is an important investment opportunity for Italian companies.

Hundreds of thousands of Romanians present in Italy add value to Italy's economic development Unimpresa reads in a press release. The association declared that the migratory waves between Romania and Italy represent the most important migration phenomena in the last 40 years between two European countries.

From an economic perspective, the commercial exchange between the two countries exceeded in 2008 alone 11.5 billion euro, representing 50% more than the commerce with Japan. In December 31, 2008, there were 26,984 Italian companies in Romania while in Italy there are 23,500 Romanian companies.