Alexandru Isztoika Loyos, the Romanian who was arrested for the rape of a 14-years old Italian girl and confessed, but was later found innocent, declared that Romanian Police officers beat him up and forced him to confess he was guilty.

According to the proceedings of the interrogation on February 20, the judge asked Loyos: "What did the policemen force you to say?". Loyos answered: "There were three or four of them. The made me sit down on a chair and started to hit me. They said they held all the evidence. They asked me what the girl was wearing. I said jeans and they hit me. I said skirt and they hit me again. Until a said what was right. They asked me how I raped her. I didn't know what to answer, so they beat me.

Loyos failed to offer any details about how the policemen looked like, therefore the Italian justice qualifies Loyos' statements as lies, said Loyos' lawyer, Giancarlo Di Rosa, quoted by La Reppublica. The Re-examination Court noted an "unusual precision of the confession and a confusion in the retraction".