Spaniards commemorate the victims of the March 11, 2004 train bomb attacks in Madrid, Rador informs. Ten explosions shattered four trains in Madrid's outskirts, marking the most serious bloodshed in history's Spain: 192 people lost their lives and almost 2,000 were injured, among which, Romanians.

Romania's Embassy to Madrid also commemorates the death of the 16 Romanians in the attacks. A a commemorative plate was unveiled in a Tuesday event. Victims' families attended the ceremony. Romania's Ambassador to Madrid, Maria Ligor, said that through this gesture, the Embassy wishes to keep alive the memory of those who died in the tragic events.

In the Santa Eugenia, Atocha and El Pozo explosions, 16 Romanians lost their lives and another 200 were injured. Romania was the second country after Spain to register most victims in those attacks.