At least ten students and three teachers were killed in a school in South West Germany by a man dressed in military clothes, according to the correspondent to Germany and other media. The incident took place in Winnenden, 20 km away from Stuttgart (Baden - Wuerttemberg land). The school hosts some 1,000 students.

UPDATE: Three other people were later killed by the attacker. He committed suicide after he was surrounded by police officers. The police identified the attacker, a 17 year old youngster, a former student at the school. German newspapers read that the police entered into his parents house to search for clues. It seems that the young man stole a gun from his father's gun arsenal.

Other persons were injured in the attack which occurred 10 am this morning, German time. The school was immediately evacuated and the area isolated. Police representatives declared that the attacker managed to escape but assured that they already identified a suspect and retained him for questioning.

Both students and teachers receive psychological counseling. Dozens of ambulances arrived at the place of the incident and police helicopters monitor the area. According to witnesses, the attacker ran towards the center of the town. Police representatives advised the population to lock themselves in their houses.

Reuters reads that the incident is not singular in Germany's recent history. In November 2006, an armed man with explosive opened fire in a school in Emsdetten, injuring at least 11 people before killing himself.