The Ratby and Groby councillor, Robert Fraser, was suspended from the Conservative Party because of some offending remarks he made during a public meeting. "The Romanians, they'll stick a knife in you as soon as look at you. There might be some good ones. Forgive me if there are any Romanians here and hopefully that's a 'no' because I wouldn't get out of here", he said, according to .

"By gosh, some of these European ones, they make the Irish look like complete amateurs and I would dread, I would dread, to see them in Groby", Fraser said, according to the newspaper, adding that Leicestershire police are now examining the footage to decide whether his comments constitute inciting racial hatred.

The statement was recorded and published on YouTube. For the time being, Robert Fraser will keep his mandate, but not as a representative of the Conservative Party. The Conservative group's president sent Fraser to a diversity course, that Fraser will pay for himself.