The Reporters sans Frontiers organization (Reporters without Frontiers) published a list of 12 countries considered as "enemies of the Internet", along with 10 other states "under surveillance", the second list including Australia and South Korea.

The black list counts Saudi Arabia, Myanmar, China, North Korea, Cuba, Egypt, Iran, Uzbekistan, Syria, Tunis, Turkmenistan and Vietnam. These state transformed their network into an intranet, preventing the users from accessing information they are interested in, but are considered by the state as undesirable. These states took repressive actions against Internet users who provided such undesirable information.

The RSF statistics indicate that 69 people are currently in jai, worldwide for using their free expression on the Internet. 49 such dissidents are in China, 7 in Vietnam and 4 in Iran.

RSF also placed "under surveillance" ten other states, after they introduced measures that may lead to abuse: Australia, Bahrain, Belarus, South Korea, the United Emirates, Eritrea, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Zimbabwe.