Two Romanian citizens, members of the technical campaign staff of the Liberal Democrat Party in Moldova were expelled on Tuesday night. A local court ruled that the two tried to oppose the police, Rador informed.

Razvan Cazacu and Radu Popescu were held into custody on Monday night by civilians, who claimed to be police officers and were taken to the police station where they were held all night for questioning. Their neighbors apparently called the police because the two Romanians were too noisy in their apartment. The judge ruled that the two should be expelled.

Their lawyer, Vitalie Nagacevschi declared that their file was instrumented by the police and they were expelled because they are working for an opposition party. He declared that the appeal will most probably be rejected.

The scandal broke when the police wanted to take the two Romanians in arrest again, to tell them the decision of the judge. However, their lawyer opposed, declaring that he was afraid for their life. They managed to set an agreement with the police and the two were escorted to the Romanian border.