Romanian Karol Racz, arrested for the St Valentine rape in Rome and eventually exonerated of any blame was present on Tuesday night at a renowned talk show, Porta a porta on Rai Uno television, correspondent to Rome, Miruna Cajvaneanu writes. Ratz did not wish to declare a thing when he was released from prison on Monday as he was expected by a Rai TV car. Ratz was isolated for 24 hours before entering the studio.

Racz had a chance to talk about his life: how he has been abandoned in an orphanage in Romania when he was 5 months old and how he end up in Italy. Racz was detained 38 days in the Regina Coeli penitentiary, accused of two rapes which he did not commit, as the DNA tests proved.

He declared that he has no idea why Alexandru Loyos claimed that he was responsible for the rapes since he considers Alexandru his friend which he helped several times and even lent him some money.

The Italian press speculated on the money the Romanian received for his appearance at the talk show. There were rumors that the sum was 45,000 euro but Bruno Vespa declared that the television only covered some of the spending incurred by the Romanian.

Il Massaggero apologized, in the front page today for accusing the Romanian of a crime he did not commit. Corriere della Sera declared that Bruno Vespa staged a public ceremony which turned off any guilty feelings towards the Romanian. La Republica did not talk on its first page about the show but mentioned it.