Over 20 Romanian tourists were stopped last night by the Moldovan border police and prevented from entering the country. Although they carries all the necessary documents, the officers made them return to Romania. "They checked our passports, interrogated us, looked thourgh all our luggage, then they told us that we can't justify the purpose of the visit", said one of the tourists for HotNews.ro.

In the same custom point, several Romanian writers were prevented from entering the country on Thursday night because they carried books "that don't correspond to the concept of state and democracy in Moldova". "Any book that has word such as Romania or Romanian is banned in Moldova, while the Russian Federation sends on a monthly basis books in the Russian language. Over 2,000 public libraries in all Moldova received Russian books" said Nicolae Dabija, a poet in the Moldova Writers' Union.

Other 16 Romanian tourists, travelling by train, were also stopped at another custom point and were not allowed to enter the country. The officers made them get off the train and forced them to take a train bank to the Romanian city of Iasi. All 16 are about to file complaints against the custom officers.

The incidents take place at the peak of the electoral campaign in Moldova and on the same day with the celebration of 91 years since the unifying of Moldova and Romania.