Two Romanians, husband and wife were shut on Sunday on the streets of Mozzecane, nearby Verona. The Romanian woman, aged 25, could not be saved by doctors. Her husband, aged 23 is currently in a severe condition in Rome's hospital, Scaligero di Borgo.

Shortly after the aggression, a 47 year old Italian, Giacomo Attoloni turned himself in, and admitted his guilt. Attolini, the owner of a restaurant where the Romanian woman was working declared that the two were blackmailing him. He declared that he tried to have sexual relations with the woman but she refused.

Then, the two Romanians threatened to denounce the man for sexual abuse if he did not give them 1000 euro. On Sunday, Attolini was supposed to meet the two to give them the money but they got into a fight and the Italian shot the two.