A comparison on Dacia Sandero prices across Europe reveals that Switzerland has the cheapest offer even if the county is renowned for its high prices. Dacia launched the Sandero model with a 1.2 liters engine on April 1 and the starting price is less than 6,600 euro. On other Western markets, Dacia Sandero is sold from 7,300 euro while in Romania prices start at 6,890 euro but the 1.2 liters engine was not launched here yet.

In Switzerland, Dacia Sandero is on sale and prices start at 6,550 euro for its 1.2 liters engine but prices increase for all other versions. The model is present in 49 showrooms. In Germany, Sandero starts at 7,500 euro and in France from 7,800 euro, in Spain at 7,450 and Belgium 7,950 euro.

Sandero was launched in Europe last year and Dacia produced 56,000 Sandero models in its Romanian factory last year and 11,000 models this year.