NATO must uphold the commitments it made to Georgia and Ukraine during the summit in Bucharest, with the clear mention that the two states must "prove conscientiousness in reform" and fulfill the accession criteria,, said president Traian Basescu, who will participate in the 60th NATO summit on Friday.

In the Western Balkans area, Romania wishes to maintain its neutrality towards Kosovo: "We don't wish for a political commitment, only for a military one, when it comes to Kosovo", said Basescu.

Romania's main objectives:

- The final statement of the summit must include a message of opening towards Serbia's accession to the NATO structures;

- The statement must mention the Black Sea area as a region of interest and a strategic security element within NATO's security policy;

- Maintaining the commitments the Alliance made on full coverage of the NATO territory by the anti-missile shield;

- Maintaining the commitment to protect the energy infrastructure;

- Romania supports the re-launching to the NATO - Russia cooperation;

- The final document must encourage Montenegro and Bosnia in their intention to join NATO.