The three main opposition parties in the Republic of Moldova accuse the Communist government of fraud the April 5 general elections result and are calling for a repeat of the poll, according to Moldovan news website Unimedia. The official results of the poll show victory for the governing Communist Party, with 49.92% of the votes.

Politicians quoted by Unimedia say elections results were forged and exit-polls appeared as a means to justify the forging of election results by the Communist Party.

The Liberal Party, the Liberal Democratic Party and the Our Moldova Alliance said they might push for the organization of a new round of elections by opting out twice from voting the candidacy of the Communist Party for the presidential seat.

Dorin Chirtoaca (Liberal Party), Vlad Filat (Liberal Democratic Party) and Serafim Urechean (Our Moldova Alliance) said they would gather all evidence available and should these prove enough to show the elections were subject of fraud they would organize massive protests and call for renewed elections.

According to official results, the Communist Party won the elections with 49.92% of the votes. It is followed by the Liberal Party (12.9%), Liberal Democratic Party (12.24%) and Our Moldova Alliance (9.87%), according to