Some 15,000 people attacked and occupied the presidential residence on Tuesday, after a series of confrontation with the Police. During the riot, a firemen truck brought to disperse the gathering was destroyed.

The events started on Monday, when some 15,000 people gathered to protest against an alleged forgery of the vote results in the elections on Sunday. On Tuesday morning, some 5,000 people blocked the "Stefan cel Mare si Sfant" boulevard.

The crowd grew to 8,000 before noon and started to move towards the Presidency and the Parliament buildings. After breaking on the two institutions, violent confrontations took place between protesters and the Police.

At least five policemen were injured during the riot. Supplementary Police forces were deployed at the scene. Mobile telephony operator disconnected the network, so that the protesters were unable to call anyone. After the Police were authorized to use tear gas, around 12.30, the crowd busted the firemen truck brought to disperse the meeting and attacked the presidential residence, breaking the windows up to the third floor.


18:15h: Kishinev mayor, Dorin Chirtoaca, holds a speech in front of the protesters, announcing the failure of negotiations between the Opposition and the Government; Chirtoaca asked the protestants to continue their meeting in peace, given the fact that Communists keep claiming that the situation is, in fact, a coup d’état. According to Chirtoaca, there were several Communists infiltrated in the meeting, causing and provoking acts of vandalism;

18:00h: Authorities sent supporting troops near the building of the public TV station. Troops are expected to engage in confrontation;

16:38h: The official EU and Romania flags were hoisted above the Presidency building, in the applauds of the crowd.

15:10h: Twitter users demand CNN to broadcast the anti-Communist protests in Kishinev.

14:30h - Romanian forums have a new topic: Support meeting in Bucharest, at 20:00h, and in Cluj, at 18:00h. In Moldova, several regions have no access to any information, most TV and radio stations being blocked.

14:20h: Youngsters start heading for the Government's building.


14:00 - 14:05h: Authorities deny the existence of any victims. All objects threw out of the Parliament's building are set on fire. Protesters demand policemen and gendarmes to join their cause.

Roads to Kishinev were blocked, in order to prevent people from reaching the demonstration.


13:35h: Rumor says a young woman was killed by the Police;

13:20h: 30,000 people break down the doors of the Parliament and the Presidency and start throwing computers off the windows, radio station Vocea Basarabiei informs.

13:10h: Police uses tear gas against protesters. The presidential palace is filled with gas. Political leaders announce an emergency meeting to discuss the situation. None of the officials showed up to meet the participants in the meeting.

UPDATE: At 12:50, Romania time, representatives of the Opposition parties and of the protesters accepted to form a negotiations team and to discuss with president Voronin.