The full press release:

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses its concern as regards the recent actions of denying access of some Romanian citizens to the Republic of Moldova. Through the Romanian Embassy in Chisinau, MFA asked for explanations to the authorities in Chisinau regarding the reasons to return several Romanian citizens from the border.

MFA considers that this treatment of the Romanian citizens is unacceptable and incompliant to their status of European citizens, with the European Union’s norms to which the Republic of Moldova wants to join and, moreover, with the principles of protection of the fundamental human rights which represent the basis of international organisations which both countries are part of.

We underline that the travel regime of the Romanian citizens in the Republic of Moldova is regulated by the Visa Facilitation Agreement between the European Union and the Republic of Moldova. The strict observance of this Agreement by the authorities in Chisinau is absolutely necessary, in order to fulfill the objective undertaken by these authorities and firmly supported by Romania, according to the future liberalization of the visa regime between EU and the Republic of Moldova.

MFA emphasizes that Romania, as EU Member State, builds its relation with the neighbouring countries, including with the Republic of Moldova, by fully observing the European norms and principles. In these conditions, MFA rejects any accusation towards Romania made in the current electoral context in the Republic of Moldova and requires that the Romanian citizens be treated with respect and in compliance with the European applicable norms and agreements.