The leaders of the Opposition in Chisinau negotiated on Tuesday afternoon with the head of Government, Zenaida Greciani, and with the president of the Communist Party, said the executive manager, Dumitru Ciorici, for The Opposition is represented by Serafim Urecheanu, Vlad Filat and Mihai Ghimpu, leaders of the main parties - Liberals, Democrat Liberals and the "Our Moldova Alliance. The Opposition leaders repeatedly called for a new scrutiny.

The Government also hosts several members of the foreign diplomacy in Moldova, the officials of foreign states expecting to discuss with the Opposition leaders as well.

UPDATE (6.00 p.m.): Minutes ago, the first round of negotiations between the Opposition and Vladimir Voronin ended in failure, without any clear understanding. The speaker of the Parliament, Marian Lupu, insisted that the protests are an attempted coup d’état, and he suggested that it may be inspired fueled by Romania. As a prove, he referred to the Romanian and the EU flags raised above the Parliament’s building earlier today.

UPDATE 2 (7 p.m.): AFP and Reuters reported that negotiations led to a decision to recount the votes, but Parliament speaker Marian lupu, quoted by the correspondent, says that the recount is a competence of the Electoral Commission, not of political parties.

UPDATE 3 (8.00 p.m.): Vlad Filat, one of the leaders of the opposition in the Republic of Moldova, denied on Tuesday that a deal has been reached with the communist authorities regarding a recount of the votes in the Sunday general elections, according to AFP. He said authorities had yet to respond to opposition demands. Previously, an official of the Electoral Commission quoted by AFP said the Government and the Opposition reached a deal on Tuesday evening on a recount of the vote, but that it all depended on technical means.