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Moldovan student in Bucharest: "Now is the moment! Let's tear down the Communism!"

de Radu Rizea
Miercuri, 8 aprilie 2009, 0:38 English | Regional Europe

Over 2,000 youngsters gathered on Tuesday evening in the University Plaza in Bucharest, during the support meeting organized by Moldovan students, both as a protest against the authorities in Chisinau and a sign of solidarity with their brethren across the border. Protesters sung the Romanian national anthem and called for the union between Moldova and Romania.

Moldovan youngsters hoisted Romanian flags. Most of them, worried about the situation back home, kept calling their relatives. "I was watching what happens and I am sorry I'm not there. Mu folks are fighting and I'm sitting here", said Andrei Racu, a student of the Polytechnic Institute.

"Now is the moment to act, to tear down the Communism. The people can't wait any longer. We wait to see happening there what happened in Romania, in 1989. It's our only chance. Stepping back now means to lose our future", said the young Moldovan, confessing that his dream was to see Romania and Moldova united.

Click here to see a photo gallery with the protest of Moldovan students in Bucharest

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