President Vladimir Voronin announced that the Romanian ambassador to Moldova, Filip Teodorescu, was declared "persona non grata" and will have to leave the Moldovan territory within 24 hours, and that Moldova will introduce a visas regime for Romania, Ria Novosti informed. The Romanian Foreign Ministry replied, showing that Voronin's statements are provocative, and firmly rejected all accusations formulated by Moldovan authorities.

In a release on Wednesday, the Romanian Foreign Ministry qualified as unacceptable the Moldovan attempt to transfer the responsibility for its interior problems to Romania and its citizens. The officials in Bucharest firmly denied any involvement of Romania in the interior affairs of Moldova.

Romania considers the unilateral decision to introduce travel restrictions as aberrant and emphasized that it would not take the same measures for the Moldovan diplomacy. Moldovan tourists will still be free to travel to Romania without needing visas.

UPDATE: Moldova Foreign Ministry announces Ioan Gaborean, Minister-councilor of the Romanian Embassy to Chisinau, was also declared persona non grata and has to leave Moldova within 24 hours