Romanians and Bessarabians living in Boston organized on Friday, April 10, 2009 a protest nearby Harvard University against the Communist regime in the Republic of Moldova. Almost 100 people expressed their solidarity with the students abused by the regime. The protest was organized through Facebook and Twitter social networking platforms.

Romanian student associations at Harvard and MIT decided to organize a manifestation to support their counterparts in Moldova. Similar manifestations were organized in New York and Washington DC.

Most Bessarabians were afraid to declare anything that could affect their families back home. However, those who are not afraid to speak up prefer to remain anonymous to be sure that their families will not be hurt. I am afraid, I don't want my parents or my sister to be arrested by Voronin's men, Elena, a student, declared.

Organizers declared that the aim of the protest is to support Moldova's democracy and raise awareness among Americans of the Communist abuses against the population.