We plan to reach Europe through Brussels not through Bucharest, Republic of Moldova President Vladimir Voronin declared in an interview for the Spanish daily El Pais, quoted by the Moldavian daily Jurnal de Chisinau. Voronin accused Romania of expansionist policies in what concerns Moldova.

Voronin declared that, once Romania entered the EU, the European Commission should have eliminated visas for Moldovan citizens but EU officials are stubborn. He added that he recently told Javier Solana that Moldova wants to reach Europe through Brussels.

"Romania is not aware that it is a member of the EU and that it needs to respect some rules", Voronin declared. He underlined that Bucharest officials cannot give up their expansionist dreams and refuse to sign the borders treaty and the one related to the two countries' relations.

Regarding the recent protests in Chisinau, Voronin added that people were indoctrinated that Communists cannot integrate into Europe and that they cannot uphold Democratic standards nor assure the liberty of speech. Moreover, he emphasized that those protesting represent 2-3% of the population who had an agreement with political parties.

"Moldova is a buffer state for Ukraine, Russia, US and Romania", Voronin explained. He added that Ukraine wants to join NATO by all means while Russia does not, in order to maintain a strategic equilibrium. Moreover, the US build two military bases in Romania which leaves Moldova a buffer state in the region.

He reiterated that the Transniester problem cannot be resolved precisely because of this regional setting.