Moldovan History student Vadim Ungueanu does not leave his dorm room as of Friday night and not because he is afraid to, but because he is confined to his room by a police warrant. His body is full of bruises and he confesses he has been severely beaten. According to Moldovan Interior ministry official data, some 200 people were arrested in the last week alone. Opposition newspapers however reveal that the numbers amount to at least 800.

"I was in the square, in front of the government at about 1am on Wednesday together with some others who were still hanging out there when some people started hitting me", Vadim said. He remembered that nearby they were beating a girl and as he tried to help her, they started to hit him harder.

Vadim explained that immediately after, he was arrested and handcuffed but transported in a normal car, in a Mercedes, together with other youngsters. He said that they were transported to the police station where they have been interrogated and beaten just for trying to read the report they had written with his declarations.

Ever since, he was retained until Friday night, with another 20 young people in a small room and did not receive any food. Moreover, he explained that he was not allowed to contact anybody and he could only talk to his lawyer in the presence of the police. He was officially convicted of hooliganism but the police did not wish to consider his witnesses, arguing on his behalf.

Nonetheless, he is not afraid to stand up against the Communists and declared that if he will be expelled from the courses, he will register for Journalism and he will not give up on combating against those in power.

Meanwhile, Romanian citizen Johnatan Jerusalayem Netanyahu is under arrest in Chisinau. One of his lawyers declared for that Netanyahu is Jewish, of Romanian origin, with residency in the US and for the last 10 years he has been frequently traveling to the Republic of Moldova in charge with humanitarian projects.

In an official press release Moldovan authorities informed that Netanyahu was accused of organizing a mass protest against those in power. Prosecutors claim that they have found in his house several maps of the city, photos of administrative buildings and bottles with inflammable substances. However, Netanyahu could only communicate with the lawyer provided. However, because he is also a US citizen, he has been visited by American diplomats.