Moldovan President's declarations regarding the involvement of Serbians in the recent protests organized in Chisinau in the past weeks against the power are justified, Russian newspapers claim, quoting Russian secret services sources. According to RBK, Serbian citizen Danko Cacic, named by Voronin was an observer to the elections on behalf of the American NGO NDI.

Balkans Defense Center analyst Gostimir Popovic declared that Voronin was right when he accused Serbia of getting involved in the protests in Chisinau. He underlined that in 2000, when the first "orange revolution" was organized in Serbia, the people orchestrating Milosevic's defeat were seen in other countries especially in Ukraine and Georgia.

Moreover, he declared that the events in Chisinau were organized on the same pattern as those of October 2000 in Belgrade. In Serbia, Cacic is the director of Proconcept. Moldovan President Vladimir Voronin accused in an interview for Spanish daily El Pais that the scenario in Moldova follows the same pattern as the events that happened in Tbilisi, Bishkek or Kyev.