The recount of all cast votes confirm the results of the Parliamentary elections in the Republic of Moldova, that announced the Communist party as winner of elections, Moldovan Central Electoral Commission Iurie Ciocan informed. He added that no frauds were discovered, according to Mediafax, quoting Itar - Tass.

Ciocan declared that there were no frauds found but that there were found some minor mistakes in some regions across the country. Final conclusions will be published after the Commission will receive all information from its offices, Ciocan said.

A decision to recount all cast votes was ruled by the Moldovan Constitutional Court at the request of President Vladimir Voronin after thousands of young people protested, urging for a recount of the votes and accusing the Communist Party of frauding the elections.

The results of the elections, made public last week indicated the Communist Party as absolute winner, with 49.48% of the votes. Another three parties entered the Parliament: the Liberals with 13.14%, the Liberal Democrats with 12.43% and Our Moldovan Republic Alliance with 9.77%.