The Romanian Foreign Ministry announced on Tuesday that it received official confirmation that one of the three terrorism suspects shot in Bolivia was a Romanian citizen. The three plotted to assassinate president Evo Morales.

The Foreign Ministry's full press release:

"The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania received the official confirmation that one of the persons shot in Bolivia, following an armed force action of the local police, is a Romanian citizen.

On April 18, the Embassy of Romania in Lima (Peru), in charge with the relation with Bolivia, requested the Bolivian authorities clarification on the circumstances of the event. The embassy also requested to be informed whether the Romanian citizen had been buried locally or not.

Until this moment, no official answer regarding these aspects has been received from the Bolivian authorities.

The Directorate General for Consular Affairs within the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in contact with the Romanian citizen's family, which is in Hungary, and acts in order to identify the solution for the repatriation of the corps.

New aspects regarding this case will be communicated as they are confirmed by the authorities."