Most Romanian MEPs scored poorly in terms of activity and presence in the European Parliament, a top 100 of the most active MEPs data reveals, reads. The most active Romanian MEP is Silvia Adriana Ticau, representing the Social Democrats, ranked 90 of 920. The worst, Titus Corlatean, also from the Social Democratic Party, ranked 916 of 920.

The study appears several months before European elections, organized on June 4-7 2009. The study takes into account three criteria: presence in the parliament, presence in specialized commissions and the degree of involvement of each Parliamentarian through reports, written and spoken questions, written declarations or resolutions.

According to the top, the most active Romanian MEPs are: Silvia-Adriana Ticau (PSE), Ovidiu Silaghi (ALDE), Gabriela Cretu (PSE), Silvia Ciornei (ALDE), Adrian Severin (PSE), Renate Weber (ALDE), Csaba Sogor (PPE-DE), Radu Podgorean (PSE), Maria Petre (PPE-DE) and Eugen Mihaescu.

The last 10 Romanians in the top are: Vasile Dincu (PSE), Laszlo Tokes (Verzi), Dumitru Oprea (PPE-DE), Rovana Plumb (PSE), Daciana Sarbu (PSE), Catalin-Ioan Nechifor (PSE), Roberta Anastase (PPE-DE), Iuliu Winkler (PPE-DE), Sorin Frunzaverde (PPE-DE) and the last, Titus Corlatean (PSE).