European Parliamentarians urged the Commission to present a report on Romania's EU fund management and all measures and progresses registered in its fight against corruption by July 15, 2009, an official EP press release informs. The Parliament expressed its doubts regarding the efficiency of the Commission's cooperation and supervision program.

European Parliamentarians expressed their support for the Commission to temporary suspend EU funds when there are doubts regarding funds management and control in a EU state.

According to an amendment submitted by European Parliamentarians,Romania's capacity to manage and control EU funds for cohesion and agriculture was not taken too seriously. According to the amendment, the Commission's declarations and measures were deceiving for both the European Parliament and Romanian and Bulgarian governments.

European institutions should have zero tolerance when it comes to EU fund management or in corruption or fraud cases. In this sense, the Parliament urges the commission to guarantee that all sums paid without justifications will be returned and to increase its technical assistance to the member states to consolidate their administrative capacity.

Moreover, the Commission needs to inform the Parliament on the practical effects of Romania's judicial reform process and its fight against corruption, the amendment reads. MEPs urge the Commission to introduce in the reports quantification criteria on the registered progresses.