An 82 year old Romanian woman, living in New York was visited by police officers after she threatened to visit the mayor to personally present the list with the repairs her apartment in Queens needs, NY1 informs.

Margareta Ionescu was raged after her Astoria appartment deteriorate and needs several repairs. The woman called 311, a helping line for citizens in NY to ask mayor Bloomberg to help her out.

Ionescu claims that she called 23 times for help but her requests were not resolved. She declared that her life is endangered and that operators refused to speak to her on grounds that they did not understand what she was saying.

Finally, she told them that she wishes to see mayor Bloomberg and the police. She also threatened that she will go at Bloomberg's household personally if they do not fix their apartment. NYPD officers finally visited the old lady to check her problems and declared that her requests will be looked after soon.