Spain confirmed the first swine flu case in Europe while another 17 people are suspected, Spanish Health minister informed, quoted by Reuters. Spanish Health minister Trinidad Jimenez declared that flu tests were positive for a patient in Almensa, South East Spain.

Spain registered the first swine flu case in Europe as the number of people presenting similar symptoms increased. The victim is a 23 year old male who came back from Mexico on April 22. He was hospitalized on Saturday.

UPDATE 7 (9:45 PM) Belgium investigates six presumed cases of swine flu, AFP informs. The victims recently returned from Mexico, Argentina and US.

UPDATE 6 (8:25 PM) Great Britain confirms two cases of swine flu. Two people were hospitalized Sunday night in Scotland after they returned from Mexico. Scottish Health Ministry confirmed on Monday the information

UPDATE 5 (5:35 PM) Tests are negative for the Italian woman initially suspected of swine flu.

UPDATE 4 (5:10 PM) Four possible cases of swine flu are investigated in France, French chief Health Supervision Institute head Francoise Weber declared. The four recently traveled to Mexico or in South US and live in Nantes (West), Pau (South West), Lyon (Center - East) and Poitiers (Center West).

French Health ministry announced on Monday that another six cases turned out to be a false alarm.

UPDATE 3 (3:55 PM) Another possible swine flu case investigated in Manchester, Great Britain, SkyNews informs.

UPDATE 2 (2:38 PM) Five Swiss citizens returning from Mexico are also suspected, AFP informs.

UPDATE 1 (2:34 PM) An Italian woman is suspected of swine flu and is hospitalized in Venice. She returned from a trip to the US.