The Independent publishes in its Monday edition the image of the first human to live in Europe. The expression "We've been here for thousands of years" got a new significance because now we can say " We've been living here for 35 thousand years" and have a picture to prove it, Badut Ulmanu, the first to signal the article, wrote in his blog.

According to the British publication, the face pertains to a man/woman who lived in the woods in the Carpathian mountains on Romanian territory about 35,000 years ago. A British specialist in judicial medicine Richard Neave used parts of a cranium found in a cave to restore the face of the first "Romanian". The Independent reveals that specialists could not determine the skin color of the first Europeans but speculations claim that it was a lot darker than today.

The model will appear in a BBC 2 series, The Incredible Human Journey about human evolution and origins. Bristol University anthropologist, Alice Roberts declared that the model seems to be a combination of European, Asian or African origins. The bones were discovered in the Bones Cave in Romania in 2002.