Several trans-national trains passing through Romania are disrupted due to protests organized by Hungarian railroad workers, a press release of the Romanian Transports ministry informs on Friday. Thus, six trains passing through Romania from Hungary will station and another four will be canceled.

  • 370 Ister International train on Bucharest North - Vienna route will station in Curtici, at Romania's border with Hungary
  • 78 Cris International train, on the Timisoara North - Budapest will station in Curtici
  • 346 Dacia International train Bucharest train will station in Croatia
  • Trains coming from Venice to Bucharest will station in Croatia
  • Trains coming from Munich to Bucharest North will station in Slovakia

Canceled trains:

  • International trains 36329 and 36312 Mateszalka - Carei, West Romania and return
  • International trains 411-2 and 412-1 Partium Biharkeresztes - Bihor - Oradea, West Romania and return

Hungarian Union representatives declared that they are dissatisfied with the austerity measures taken by their new government. The last negotiations did not manage to reach a consensus.