"Romania has committed a serious diplomatic mistake in the first days of the unrest in Chisinau. Romanian authorities should have taken their distance and condemn the social unrest in Chisinau, especially when the protesters used official Romanian symbols", Moldovan Christian Democratic Party (PPCD) leader Iurie Rosca declared on Tuesday, quoted by Unimedia.md.

The PPCD leader went on to state for Radio Nova that he does not hold evidence of Romania’s involvement. He added that, despite the fact that Romania did not organise any march, the Romanian authorities "did not prevent some young students’ groups to head for the Republic of Moldova".

"The main responsible for the violent events from April 7, 2009, from a judicial point of view, is the head of the Moldovan Liberal Democratic Party Vlad Filat. He forwarded a request to Chisinau’s municipal council, asking for permission to organise a rally. In such circumstances, one has to implicitly assume judicial responsibility for the events that led to public unrest", the PPCD leader concluded.