Romanian political parties were severely criticized by the German Parliamentarian Gunther Krichbaum who believes that Romanian parties forgot that their main objective is to fight against corruption and reform the justice system. He declared that the Parliamentarian immunity must not be a protective shield and that Parliamentarians suspected of corruption acts should take responsibility of their acts. Krichbaum declared, however, that Romania's justice system did managed to pursue several reforms.

Here are some of the most important declarations:

  • The European Commission will present, in July a new monitoring report on Romania's progress in its fight against corruption and reformation of the justice system. The German Bundestag adopted a resolution urging EC officials to cease any EU funds towards Romania.
  • The resolution represents a signal that Romania's political class needs to wake up and use the time left to the report to undertake seriously the pending necessary reforms. Before January 1, 2007 when Romania joined the EU, the country had one clear objective that united the political class towards one main goal. I believe that all involved parties should take responsibility for the country as well.
  • Romania's Justice minister is doing a good job but at the moment, it needs to be supported by the Parliament in order to reform the justice system. Romania's political parties seem to quarrel without pause and tend to forget that their main objective is to reform their country.
  • Romania's Parliament needs to approve the pending penal and civil codes put forward by the Justice minister. I believe that the codes are good projects which need to be debated upon and voted. 
  • I believe that the fight against corruption needs to be taken seriously: corruption tends to hit most the poorest social classes who are not able to keep up with the bribe system in the country.