Romania's President Traian Basescu does not cease to "impress" the world with his geopolitical naivete, RIA Novosti Chisinau head Vladimir Novosadiuk writes in an article. Novosadiuk wrote that Basescu shocked the European Community and the Moldovan neighbors with his new recent declaration when he said that a trans-national treaty with Moldova would make him a partner of Ribbentrop and Molotov.

The Russian journalist equates this declaration with the series of maneuvers of the Romanian administration to cancel the treaty acknowledging the borderline between Moldova and Romania. In this context, the journalist believes that the Romanian president should not forget that the treaty included Transylvania where latent separatist movements exist.

Novosadiuk concludes that Basescu's secret plan is well known to everybody: to creater Greater Romania by adding Moldova, North Bucovina from Ukraine and the Southern parts of the Odessa region.