An influential Russian political scientist and a Parliamentarian in the same time, Serghey Markov attacked Basescu's declaration on the uselessness of a border treaty with the Republic of Moldova. This is the second attack against the Romanian President in the Russian press.

Serghey Markov, Political Studies Institute head declared that President Basescu's declaration concerning Moldova is a disgrace to the European Union. He added that the EU should take up serious economic sanctions against Romania.

Former governmental counselor and Parliamentarian, Markov accused Romania's President of attempts to annex the Republic of Moldova to Romania, quoted by Materik Agency, a Russian agency specialized in political analysis.

This is the second attack against Romania's President Traian Basescu after RIA Novosti Chisinau head, Vladimir Novosadiuk declared that Basescu amazes the EU with his geopolitical naivete. Nonetheless, all these attacks are triggered by existent tensions in the Republic of Moldova where opposition parties boycotted in the Parliament the vote for a new President.

Both the Communist leadership and Russian opinion leaders accuse the Moldovan opposition parties of attempts to annex Moldova to Romania.