One of the statements made in Bucharest on Tuesday at the Europe-Russia Economic Forum refers to the need of Russia and Europe to unite their resources into creating a technological and energy empire that would surpass China and India’s capacities. The statement was made by Russian politician Andrei Bogdanov, who believes Europe and Russia should join in creating a military bloc that would replace NATO.

Bogdanov ran for Russian presidential elections last year. He believes that Russia belongs in Europe and that the EU needs Russia to defend it against a catastrophic globalisation that could wipe Europe off the map. He also favours the idea of a technological and resource unity between the EU and Russia in the face of an increasing stronger China and a competitive India.

Bogdanov says that Europe and the US are cooperating due to inertia. NATO has lost its initial purpose and there is a need for secure borders on the continent, he believes. The Russian politician suggests a EU-Russia military bloc.

The challenging statements were assumed in Russia by his party, The Right Cause, and received the support of one million voters last year. Bogdanov says there should be a strategy before a full EU integration in Russia’s case. His country is currently discussing with the EU the lack of democracy, the gas issue, intelligence, meat trade embargo, "but not the way us, Europeans, will live in 40-50 years’ time". He believes there are interests that could prevent his country from benefiting on the EU’s experience, continuing the route of Asian authoritarian rule instead.