Russian company Gazprom and Romanian company Romgaz will create a mixed business for constructing a gas depot in Romania. Additionally, Romanian minister of Economy Adriean Videanu announced today at the EU-Russia economic Forum that there will be a second hydra-electric power station on the Danube river.

Romanian minister for Economy Adriean Videanu stated on Tuesday that Romania will prioritise the development of its economic relationship with Russia. "Romania has great potential for renewable energy and hydro-electric energy. We will start investing in hydra-electric power stations alongside European and Russian investors", Videanu said today.

Romanian minister of Economy announced that his team will choose the site for a second hydra-electric power station on the Danube river by the end of the current year. Macin is the favourite location so far.

Videanu also talked about a second nuclear station, stating that its construction might start until September.