Republic of Moldova deferred the presidential elections scheduled today for June 3. The reason brought in by the communist parliamentary group was the fact that today was a Christian celebration and, thus, not a suitable day for political debates. The head of the state in Republic of Moldova is chosen by deputies, and not by the citizens.

Members of the opposition parties announced to boycott the presidential elections, BBC informs quoted by Rador. Moldova’s current presidential vote is a consequence of the controversial elections in April, when the Communist Party won the majority.

Zinaida Greceanîi was one vote short to become Moldova’s next resident on the May 20, raising a total of 60 votes. The head of the state is elected by the deputies and not by the citizens of Moldova. The Parliament in Chisinau did not manage to go through with the elections today.

  • In the opening of today’s parliamentary session, communist deputy Maria Postoico requested, in the name of the communist parliamentary group, to postpone the elections because today was a religious celebration, and thus not a suitable day for political debates. 
  • Liberal Democratic Party leader Vlad Filat doubted this was the real reason for which the communists refuse to finalize the election of the president on Thursday and proposed to go ahead with the voting.
  • The Parliament’s President Vladimir Voronin called for voting in favour or against the elections’ hold-up.
  • All 60 communist deputies voted in favour of the elections to be deferred until June 3. The session ended ten minutes after.